Microbiology is a prominent and comprehensive discipline that is fundamental to the life sciences and has tremendous influence and potential in many scientific fields.

The Microbiology Department at Eurofins Biomnis Middle East firmly believes that quality is the basis of healthcare excellence. It is the platform that combines all of the elements of structure, process and outcome.

The quality system ensures that the microbiology department has processes that are efficient, effective and meet the latest regulatory requirements.

  • Bacterial culture (Aerobic, Micro-aerophilic, Facultative anaerobes, Fastidious)
  • Anaerobic cultures (Proper specimen collection required)
  • Swab Samples (from different body sites)

The management of the department is committed to continuous improvement in order to provide our employees with the tools and resources necessary to deliver quality microbiological services that meet the expectations of our patients and clients.

The Microbiology department provides services in Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Parasitology & Infectious Diseases. The department ensures that all specimens processed by the department have clinical utility and the reports are meaningful to our customers by employing a quality assurance program to ensure the proper handling, processing and reporting of the results.