Featured Benefits:

  • Cancer cytogenetic reporting in less than 7 days
  • Analysis performed by specialized pathologist with more than 30 years of experience in the field.
  • Cytogenetic scientists who perform tests are uniquely trained
  • Automated imaging system

Test Offered:

  • Chromosome analysis for Leukaemia/Lymphoma
  • Aneuploidy Detection By Fish
  • Aneuploidy Detection By Fish (Cord Blood)
  • Aneuploidy Detection By Fish (Cvs)
  • Breast Cancer Prognosis Profile (Er, Pgr, Her2/Neu, Dna Ploidy)
  • Breast Cancer Prognosis Tumor Profile (Er, Pgr, Her 2-Neu, Egfr, Dna Ploidy)
  • FISh Bcl-2
  • Her-2 / Neu Oncoprotein (C-Erb B2)
  • Pnd-Chorionic Villus Sample – Chromosome Analysis
  • Breast Cancer Monitor I (Ca 15-3, Cea)
  • AML t(8;21)
  • DIGOERGE Syndrome
  • P53-FISH

Cytogenetics is also known as chromosome analysis. It’s a kind of test that can identify numerical and structural abnormalities in chromosomes that can help diagnose certain types of leukemias, lymphomas and inherited disorders. After accurate diagnosis, cytogenetic results can also help physicians determine prognosis and optimal treatment options.