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Positions and Job Summary



Laboratory Technologist

Laboratory Technologist is primarily responsible for the logistics in running the Lab under the supervision of the Chief Pathologist – this encompasses the establishment of new equipment, inventory maintenance of all supplies, administrative oversight of all required documentation, mentorship and training of new staff and general supervision of all staff within the Lab environment. Laboratory Technologist also performs laboratory tests utilizing requisite lab equipment and instruments, making minor adjustments as required; typically works with bio hazardous materials and sharps; laboratory maintenance, reagent and control preparation and orders supplies. Laboratory Technologist, in conjunction with the Chief Pathologist takes the lead in Quality Accreditation implementation.


The phlebotomist draws quality blood samples from patients and prepares those specimens for medical testing. The phlebotomist has direct contact with patients and must create an atmosphere of trust and confidence while explaining procedures and drawing blood specimens in a skilful, safe and accurate manner.

Phlebotomists prepare blood samples and clean and sterilize equipment, following strict safety precautions. A phlebotomist must work well under pressure and be sensitive to confidentiality and accuracy in recording a patient’s blood history.


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